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[Product Info] Good soloution for LED license plate bulbs[ 06-01 05:10 ]
DINGJU come with high quality LED license plate bulbs, which means your country have very potential marketing. Also we welcome small lots of wholesale order from all over the world.
[Product Info] DINGJU Car LED light comparion[ 06-01 05:08 ]
How would you like to improve the visibility of your car LED lights? Dingju LED lights are adaptable for all sockets that you want, all of DINGJU car LED lights are new generations of LEDs, vary so widely in different size, T10, T11,T13, T15, T18, T20, T25 and T35.
[Product Info] New product third LED brake light from Dingju[ 05-26 01:03 ]
led brake lights,led turn lights.Dingju develop many new cree led car light according our EU clients' requirements.We have led turn lights ,such as T20 and T25 with 1156, 7440 socket.For the led brake lights we are also have T20 and T25 with 1157 and 7443 sockets
[Product Info] Car led lighting[ 05-26 00:45 ]
Car led lighting replace the old lamps.Dingju provide all kinds of car led lighting with high quality and good price.We are also can help you to solve all kinds of car led lighting questions.
[Product Info] LED dashboard light bulbs[ 05-19 00:32 ]
led dashboard light bulbs,B8.3D led dashboard,509T light bulbs will be provide in dingju led car light professional manufacture.All kinds of led dashboard light bulbs are available
[Product Info] How to Improve Your Car Interior Light bulbs With LED Car Lights[ 05-16 22:44 ]
Car interior light bulbs are very popular in the world.There are also including SMD ,led plate light.But choice the high quality products are the most important
[Product Info] DINGJU is a good replacement of LED dashboard light bulb[ 05-16 20:43 ]
You may need to replace LED dashboard light bulb for many reasons. LED bulbs can simply burn out, or maybe you want to "dress" your lighting with new LED bulbs available on the market today.
[Product Info] Led license plate bulbs bring more business[ 05-16 20:23 ]
Have you ever changed your LED license plate light bulbs for your car? After you search a lot of suppliers and were annoying about their quality.
[Product Info] Car LED lights heating Management[ 05-11 19:39 ]
Car LED lights was be used by us , we face to some problems, that is LED self-heaitng. Even LED bulbs lumen had great improvement, but in fact most electric energy change into conductive heating .So LED heating management is the key point for car LED lights.
[Product Info] Super bright led fog lights provide from Dingju led car light manufacturer[ 05-11 19:14 ]
Super bright led fog light replace your led, because they are made with 27pcs super bright 5050SMD-3chips.
[Product Info] The advantages and application places of the led car light, auto led bulbs[ 05-08 19:36 ]
Led car lightare you interested in them and know more about them? Led car light is not only used as car led lights ,but also has decorative function. Nearly all existing car lights can be replaced with LED equivalents, and several guidelines can help us change the bulbs ourselves.
[Product Info] LED light bulb[ 05-08 06:52 ]
An improved LED light bulb for use in a brake light bulb socket of an automobile or similar vehicle wherein selected numbers of LED are energized at full intensity depending upon whether the automobile is in the brake light mode.
[Product Info] led light bulbs lifetime[ 04-26 23:36 ]
When we buy an LED light bulbs, one of the frequently asked questions Does the same amount of car LED bulb to a conventional car light? The answer is Yes.
[Product Info] Benefits of super bright car lights[ 04-25 17:40 ]
The use of LED light bulbs has becomre more common in many models of cars. There is a new LED model that has brought into different usages, its diameter is 8.4mm, power is 1 W, we use them in signal light, also this kind of super bright lifetime is much longer, much brighter, much bigger lighting area. We called it super bright LED light bulbs or high power LED car light.
[Product Info] LED License Plate Bulb Good Replacement:DINGJU[ 04-18 22:50 ]
Here is one client installation processing to replace bright white LED license plate bulbs. He wanted to change to LED license plate bulbs for his Ford. After our DINGJU customer service professional suggestion, he chosed super white colour.
[Product Info] Car search light and fog light[ 04-10 17:57 ]
There are many different kinds of car light .Dingju as the first led car light professional manufacturer can provide high quality products with different type of led car light for you.Now let us share the high power led fog light for you.
[Product Info] New car LED light socket: S8[ 04-08 23:29 ]
Nowadays, not only car LED light has a lot of usages, but also socket has changed a lot. Right now there is a new socket S8 produced in one famous company. It also is belonging to wedge socket, but it can reduce to simplify assembly process and redude stock and component cost.
[Product Info] Car LED lights on Taxi[ 04-06 18:36 ]
Car LED lights are a new car lighting, if it is used as brake light, turn light and fog light on taxi, it it can help to reduce fuel consumption for operation cost.Also car LED lights lifetime is 50000 hours,the power is only 1.2w. Mostly taxi lifetime is around 26000 hours, so car LED light lifetime is longer than taxi lifetime.
[Product Info] High-mount brake light[ 04-05 20:56 ]
We can see a rectangle or sqaure red brake light at the back of high place on some newest car models.We called it high-mount brake light, they are higher than brake light at the side of tail car.
[Product Info] LED car light determinant for Price[ 04-05 20:40 ]
According to the competition on car LED light area, different quality material means different price, here are some important element for material.