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What ‘s the led car light color temperature

Q:What ‘s the led car light color temperature


For the color temperature ,it has many different standard . How to choose the right color ?Dinggju will tell you .
Normally below is the three color temperature standard
Warm white   Below 6000 K
White         6000K-6500K
Cold White     Above 6500K
Here it is the color termperature picture for your reference



What ‘s the led car light color temperature


Note : for white color ,it is stilla little yellow
For cold white it is white with bule
The brightness for the cold white is much more bright than white and warm white.It means
The high color termperature will be more brightness
Question : some customers asked to order 6000K for white color or 4500 K for warm white
Dinggju Answer : In the led car light area ,the color temperature had a small error each time .
So we can tell our customers that we can do 4000K-4500K ,6000K-6500K .
That is all the led car light manufacture can provide


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