How to distinguish Dingju Brand LED Car light from other factory?
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How to distinguish Dingju Brand LED Car light from other factory?


Dingju LED Car light Factory is one of the professional Manufacturer in China, with 10 years experience , joined different Car Parts & Accessary’s Fair and Exhibitions , Now we have clients in every province of China , and also export to different foreign countries , mainly market is focus on Western Union , North America, Mid-Eastern and Aisa. With the support of government and promotion by the company website through the advantage of internet . now it’s well known in home and foreign market .  



Now there are more and more trading company and small self-small factory come out and want to compete the market ,different supplier provide different quality production with different price. Stand in the point of buyer, they want to purchase different LED Car light from 2-5 supplier to sure with the timely changing and good delivery time . so sometimes with some defective goods, it’s difficult to know those defective goods belongs to which supplier if without some remark.For Dingju LED Car light Factory are with the same remark and signal in the socket or in the inside PCB board in case some un-necessary misunderstanding between clients . here we have show some typical remark and sign .






with Dingju Car light Brand in the socket

Click there to see more clear pictures







with Dingju Car light Brand in the socket





with Dingju Car light Brand in PCB Board



What’s more , there also with other company will copy and used our pictures , for Dingju LED Car light pictures are with the White background and most of our products with our company logo when taken the pictures .In addition , you can see clearly in our website with the enlarged function.




We can printed clients Logo / company name/ website in the products itself , if things like that need with additional charge if less then 3000pcs . that’s only for especial bulb or new developed type.




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