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The reasons why to install the LED daytime running light

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Months ago,many European countries made the provisions that all the new production cars and regulations must be installed with LED daytime running lights.So why the European governments put forward such provisions?If the daytime LED running lamp been lighting all the way,will it have a waste of electricity?Now let's see what are the answers to the questions.


As we all know,LED daytime running light has a obvious to drivers.The drivers will see the road more clearly.
Of cause,the European governments put forward such provisions have its reasons.It often snow,has fog and the visibility is very low in Europea.In order to improve the driving safety,some European countries have a regulation: drivers must also turn on the LED light during the daytime driving.



The main function of the LED daytime running light are three:One is to improve the identification of the car; Two is to let the drivers focus attention; Three is to keep the pedestrians and non-motor vehicles from crossing roads.Using this kind of light,the accident probability can reduce 12.4% of car accident and the car accident death rate will reduce 26.4%.


People may think that if we use the LED daytime running light the whole day,will it takes too much electricity consumption?In fact,we have no need to worry about this problem.In the daytime,if we turn on the auto headlight,we will have a great waste of electricity consumption.When Compared with the normal normal headlight,the power consumption of theLED daytime running light is only 25% to 30% and is helpful to reduce the carbon dioxide.So using the LED daytime running light means the energy-saving and environmental protection.


The main materials of the LED daytime running light are LED lamps-high power, patch, LED lamp bead,after installing the LED daytime running light,it can also reveal car personality. 


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