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A driver'driving experience tells us the importance of the led tail lights

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A few days ago,a driver friend told us a story about the L.E.D.tail lights.In the middle of his journey while driving about 100 km per hour the traffic suddenly stopped and another car almost hit his car bumper.The back driver said that if not because of the led tail lights he already hit the car of the driver friend's bumper.The back driver was shocked after seeing some strange lights just like a small lightning in front of back driver 's eyes and pressing the brake immediately.



Therefore,the driver friend has strongly suggested all driver friends using the led tail lights on their cars for safety reason. 



From the actual driving experience,it is really better to install the led tail light.After installing the light,people far away the car can see your car and can determine how wide your car is,it will light as long as you turn on the headlights or width-indicator lights.In addition,it can also used for auto brake light,it is mainly used for reminding the behind car,when it brakes,it will be significantly brightening, also played a reminder.





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