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The method how to adjust the headlight beam?

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The method how to adjust the headlamp beam: use the tester to adjust headlight light.

Normally the tire pressure is empty. When the headlight is off, first to see the sockets and wiring in poor condition caused by or fuse blown. If it is determined damaged headlight bulb, first remove the headlight of the decorative cover, remove the headlight retaining screws prevent demolition if there are other accessories should be removed. Remove the headlamp wick, carefully unplug the cord and plug, and then press and remove the reverse order, the new wick-loading complex. After re-installed do not forget to adjust the headlight illumination angle.) replacement headlight halogen bulb. Models commonly used in recent years the headlight halogen bulbs, halogen bulbs burn out when the time, remove the headlight wires and plugs, remove the dust cover, rubber holder, and burned-out halogen bulbs. Then remove the car lights in reverse order of loading complex

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