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The advantages and application places of the led car light, auto led bulbs

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Led car lightare you interested in them and know more about them?

Led car light is not only used as car led lights ,but also has decorative function. Nearly all existing car lights can be replaced with LED equivalents, and several guidelines can help us change the bulbs ourselves.

As many people know,led car light have their own advantages, it will start as soon as you turn on the light,it has a long lifespan,can be used as long as 5-10 million hours.It is possible to use the car led light during the car’s whole life, what means that car owner will not change car led light if there is no accident.

Led car light can be used in many places,besides the commonly used parking lamps, car led lights and auto led lights , turn signal light ,car lights,LEDs are often used for decorating cars both inside and outside the car.

Of course,though there are so many advantages of the car lights ,we should still pay attention to the problems we have to face.we will face the heat dissipation product and the optical design problem.So led product designers should pay more attention to the research and technology development in the led product industry

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