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Recruitment Agents

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Dear Clients,

This E-mail is from Sales Center of Dingju LED Car light Factory (
www.dingjuled.com ) . now we want to find more fixed and large protential agents for our products.


As we know ,most of the countries are required adapt energy saving bulb--- led light is the best replacement and we believe it will replace the orginal bulb market in those 3 years. Are you agree with that ? For our factory only focus on led car light both the common led car bulb and led canbus light . we have our own Engineer and Quality system. Below is the relative terms which our factory will provide for our agents, and for the rest terms , our factory willing to collecting your suggestions .


1: For first order at least 5,000USD
2: Provide the specification and pictures without logo after we have confirmed what you need order.
3: Provide one special size LED Car light PCB showing board with all of our led car light socket .
4: …...( we’d like to hear from your requirement )


In order to show our great sincere for every business partener , we are prefer provide 5USD free sample for every replier ( we will attached with your trial order ) .


Valid date from 12th to 30th April.


For Exclusive agents need further discussion for the details .


Thanks for your kindly attention and timely reply !


Dingju Group (HongKong ) Co.,Ltd
Sales Department


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