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Leaf Nismo car led bulb-A new model of Nissan

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Nissan Leaf Nismo car led bulbs has just listed,draw many people’s attention who are interested in the racing cars.What the most worth concerning is that the sport car is battery-powered. Now let us see how the car works and what make it possible to drive in a high speed.

There’s an obvious family resemblance ,thanks to the shape of the car led bulbs front and car led bulbs.But the size of this kind of light is different from other car in the family.

It has a 107bhp motor sitting in a car weighing 938kg,but it will not exactly excite the racing drivers, but the Leaf RC is unique. The lack of a conventional noise is unsettling, but somehow makes it feel quicker. Though we don’t know if it really is.

Pin-sharp steering and strong grip from the racing tyres mean it will bring great fun to the drivers to have a fast speed. Nissan engineers estimate the batteries will last for more than 20 minutes.

Of course,it is good choice for the game-changing car, and will bring fun for us, but we hope that it will change the car from electric race series into sporty production model

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