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Join The 8th China Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair

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Our company DingjuLED car light will join in the 8th China Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair

Brief introduction for the 8th Zhenzhou automotive goods fair:
Its full name is the 8th Auto Supplies Fair of China international Auto after-market Expo.
The 8th China Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair will be held Zhenzhou International Exhibition Center from June 26 to July 2nd, 2011, which is divided into two half with different themes. The first half mainly display automotive electronics, car modification, vehicle maintenance beauty and sun film-based; the second half mainly display car seat and aftermarket.
The show will reach 13million square meter and 6800 booths. Organizing Committee will organize more professional, more segmentation and more accurate domestic and foreign procurement merchants for the exhibitors. It will provide more extensive trading platform for China rapid development of automotive products industry and will also create more taste, more quality, more professional and more large-scale industry events.
The 8th China Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair gives full play to the geographical advantages of the big traffic, big logistics and big business, which better uses customer resources in the Chinese automotive industry supplies exhibition held by organizing committee for seven consecutive to make the national automotive supplies industry focus on exchange and get together the trade exhibitors through this show to obtain cost-effective results.
Our company Dongguan Dingju Co.,Ltd will participated in the first half of the 8th China Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair from June 26 to June 28, 2011.
Booth: B060B
Date: 26th June-28th June, 2011
Pavilion: Zhenzhou International Exhibition Center
We mainly produce LED car lights: led signal light, led brake light, led turning light, led dashboard light, led decoration light, ect. Welcome all LED car lights traders, buyer and friends to contact with us.
Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair product-led signal light Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair product-led brake light Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair product-led turning light Auto Supplies (Zhenzhou) Fair product-led dashboard light
led signal light  led brake light led turning light led dashboard light
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