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Japan has seen the development prospects of the LED lamps

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It is reported that LED light bulbs stepped into the market as early as about 10 years ago in Japan, but as for the technology was not mature, light bulbs were not enough at that time.Manufacturers produced them only for emergency instructions and so on.Years later, due to technological progress, Japanese companies developed bright LED bulbs to replace incandescent lamps.


Currently, the life of LED lamps in the Japanese market as long as 40,000 hours, equivalent to 40 times of incandescent, 6 times as long as fluorescent bulb,but the power consumption is only about one-eighth of incandescent, the energy-saving effect is very obvious.In addition, the price of LED bulbs also reduced to half its original price, price is only 4,000 yen (1 U.S. dollar equals 88 yen) around.


As the increase of the brightness of the led bulbs and the reduce of the price,people live in Japan like to accept the new products,they think they will have the chance to save more money and do something useful to the environment.


As the led bulbs sold so well, a large number of manufacturers start pay attention to the LED industry and start take action in the LED products.


Toshiba is the first R & D LED bulbs manufacturer, and in 2007 the first products to market.Panasonic has also entered the industry in September this year.In addition, Sharp, Mitsubishi Electric and NEC and some other large electrical companies also have entered the led bulb market,it is obvious that the electrical appliances market will become more intense competition in the future.


Green energy has become a major topic in today's world,and many countries are struggling to develop new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products.Japan's major motor manufacturers has being spent huge sums of money in the LED bulbs business, mainly for they have already seen the broad prospects of the new lighting bulbs.


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