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DINGJU Car LED light comparion

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Car LED lights?How would you like to improve the visibility of your car LED lights? Dingju LED lights are adaptable for
all sockets that you want, all of DINGJU car LED lights are new generations of LEDs, vary so widely in
different size, T10, T11,T13, T15, T18, T20, T25 and T35.

Comparison of other factory for same models, DINGJU is a good replacement of car LED lights,much brighter
than original incandescent. In recent years, LED lighting technology is developping, DINGJU is already
gathering many professional experience and guaranteed quality. We has researched and developped a series
of new products of cree high power car LED lights in 2012.

Also we welcome medium and small overseas sellers for trial orders or small lots of bulks.
We treat every client on an equal footing. Looking forward to your inquiry.

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