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Characteristics of poor led light bulbs

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Do you know how to distinguish the led car bulb? Let’ share some tips together.
First: Packaging of LED light bulb is rough, imprinting is not clear, no industry name, no address, no telephone and no standards of implementation
Second: Appearance of the LED light bulb is dirty, black filament and twisted, the holder of the lamp is rust and dull, clear tilt head, crooked shoulders and crooked pin, lamp holder without typing or only with specifications but no grades number.
Third: Low mechanical strength, blister thin, fragile, head thin, feet and skin of the LED light bulb are sinking pressed by nail.
Fourth: Most of optical parameters are unqualified.
Now let’s share Dingju led car bulb.Beautiful shape and packaging.
led car bulbled light bulbsled strip light
Good shape and good glow effect.Dingju your best choice.
Get through our website,you will know more informations about led car bulb.
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